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PVG History

When Jonathan and Eleanor Huntington brought their sons Jeff and Henry to New Hampshire from Connecticut in 1976, building a nationally recognized liner and finished plant business and helping create a leading plant brand were the furthest things from their minds. They simply wanted a better life and more opportunity for their family.

Over three decades later, Pleasant View Gardens has accomplished all that and more, and our focus remains where it always has been: providing the finest plants possible to fully satisfied customers wherever they are.

Through the years we’ve seen growth across all corners of the business. We’ve researched, experimented with and grown millions of plants so that only the very healthiest and hardiest assortments are available from our greenhouses. We’ve become an industry pioneer in energy and labor savings, making that a core component of everything we do.

Along the way we’ve marked many milestones including:

1976    Purchase Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, NH, with 3 greenhouses and 10 employees serving local florists through 100% walk-in trade.

1981    Began liner sales through the broker network and began boxing and shipping our product by air and truck outside New England.

1992    Founding partner of Proven Winners, America’s #1 plant brand.

1998    Bought 17 acres of a reclaimed gravel pit in Pembroke, NH, and built a seven bay greenhouse.

2000    Join with Proven Winners partners in Plant 21, a breeder of new plant genetics.

2002    Together with the Proven Winners partners, purchase Ticoplant, an offshore stock facility in Costa Rica.

2004    Introduce innovative programs like Enhanced Liners, Fast Tracks™, Plant & Ship™ and Pre-Finished that help customers cut crop times by as much as 50%.

2008    Install one of the industry’s first biomass burners, reducing oil dependency and cutting heating costs by up to 85%.


2009    The Pick-Up Yard opens, giving customers fast, convenient access to quality plant material including annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs and herbs.

2010    Fire destroys nearly an acre of greenhouse space; production at Pembroke expands by 60,000 square feet.



Today Pleasant View has two facilities covering nearly 30 acres, including 14 acres under cover and 14 acres of outdoor production. We employ more than 120 full-time and grow to more than 250 in the busy season. At our peak, we produce over 4,000 trays per day.


Jonathan and Eleanor’s sons Jeff and Henry carry the legacy today, with a third generation (their five sons) beginning to fill the ranks of the business.




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